Dojo Information

Address:1331 Ikenojiri ,Kanonji City, Kagawa, Japan, 〒768-0031
Daily lesson for Members:Every day from 8 AM to 12 PM (Saturdays and Sundays occasionally)
Instructer:Yasuhiro Ohtani Sensei (8th Dan,Master of the Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū)


Monthly membership fee, membership fee to affiliated organizations, annual fee etc

The monthly membership fee of Butokujuku is the same amount for those who are only Iaido, only those who Battodo and those who practice both Iaido and Battodo.

In addition to the monthly fee, membership fee, annual fee etc are required. We will inform you of membership fees when you are officially hoping to join.

※The consent of parental authority is necessary for admission to minors.
We are not accepting membership of anti-social forces.


Sports insurance

In addition to the membership fee of Butokujuku, you must join sports safety insurance.

■ Sports Safety Insurance
¥ 1,850 / year * We will deliver it at the time of enrollment and the beginning of the year (March).


· At the beginning of the admission, clothes at training time are wearing Kendo clothes or Iaido clothes.

· If you are going to receive an appraisal, participate in a convention, or a performance concert, you will need to purchase a designated dojo and name tag.

· Each sword you use will be purchased by yourself, but at the beginning of joining, there are swords for lending.