Beginners, women, foreigners are welcome to experience. And it is “FREE”.

This is an excellent chance for visitors to try out a REAL Katana (Japanese sword) . Through Sword Experience, you can learn and feel “Bushido” with Katana.
If you wish, please contact us on the inquiry form of this site at least two weeks prior to the desired experience day.
Reply may be delayed by circumstances. Also, we may not be able to meet the schedule of the schedule. Please note.
We will consult with the conditions such as the number of people and required time etc. about the expenses required for the experience.

This is an excellent chance for visitors to get a firsthand look into the world of the samurai. Get a glimpse into the philosophies of Bushido, and try your hand at wielding a real katana.

Form Practice
Before being given a real blade it is important to master the basics. We will begin our training using wooden practice swords and instruct you on the proper grip, posture, and form.

A Real Katana (Japanese sword)
After learning the basics, the next step is to wield a real katana, and use it to cut though a goza mat. We will place the goza mat vertically on a special stand and you can put your sword skills to the test.

Experience Plans and Rates
We will take consultation on the day we can experience, the number of people, time and so on.
Rates vary depending on conditions.

Clothes and shoes
Comfortable clothes and shoes

The meeting place
JR Shikoku Yosan Line Kanonji Station

Please contact us by email from the inquiry form. We will reply you as soon as possible.