The purpose







In the program of the Japanese Sword Council, the purpose of the Federation is to “train mind and body through traditional Japanese sword law practice, centering on the way as a person and the dignity of a Japanese sword, and further strengthening cooperation between members We strive to establish a relationship of trust, contribute to the formation of that personality, to promote the true sword path inside and outside the country, contribute to world peace and goodwill. ”


Practice content

1. Form practice
Regarding the content of practice after joining, I begin with practicing shapes with imitation swords and I will go to practical skills seriously. (Practical skill is to slash the tatami table containing water)
Since it is always a serious martial art, he instructs basic actions and safety management of the sword path.


2. Trial lessonFormulation of sword path
1st    Jodan sakidori
2nd   Hidari-harai,hidari-kesa
3rd   Migi-harai,kote
4th   Hidari-men,migi-kesa
5th   Migi-men,hidari-kesa
6th   Hidari-kesa,do
7th   Gyaku-kesa,kesa
8th   Nukiuchi,tuki
9th   Kiriage,hidari-kesa,do
10th  Mige-men,hidari-kesa,do

What is necessary for practice
We will arrange practice wear and bands and name tags. I will lend it to those who do not have imitation swords or serious swords.Introduction program of Kaidan way
NHK WORLD SPORTS JAPAN “Battodo” Kedan way